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THC Safety, Inc.

THC Safety is a consulting firm that provides real, actionable advice on designing, establishing and operating your cannabis concentration production (CCP) facilities, cannabis infused products (CIPs) & laboratories while assisting our clients to be in continuous compliance with regulations and good practices. We have designed cannabis extraction facilities nationwide, including in Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, and Puerto Rico.

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We provide the tools, guidance, advice and consulting services to help cannabis extraction, infused products or testing laboratories establish operations. We provide design, operation, safety, industrial hygiene and compliance assistance for cannabis /marijuana/ industrial hemp facilities.

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Analyze, Design, Implement and Sustain your extraction business in a Faster, Better, and Less Expensive manner.

Turn-Key BHO Room Design

This patent pending room design meets NEC Class 1 Division 1 environment and is equipped with a state of the art ventilation system that allows for low flow yet high capture efficiency for emissions. This room offers the ideal solution to meet Denver Fire requirements.

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