AIA Seminar – Cannabis Processing Facility Design Seminar

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This Cannabis Processing Facility Design (CFD) course is intended for architects and other planning, code compliance and construction professionals to learn about best practices, codes, regulations, equipment, and work practices required to construct a safe, efficient and compliant  cannabis / marijuana cultivation, extraction and/or infusion facility.

Attendees receive 6.5 AIA credit hours after completing the course. The course has been accepted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

You will learn the differences between the types of marijuana facilities, operations, processes being used, and their associated construction and engineering challenges.

Learning Objectives:


  1. Types of Facilities
  2. Equipment and Processes
  3. Hazardous Material
  4. Cannabis Facility Laws and Regulations
  5. Cannabis Construction Contract Administration
  6. Cannabis Facility Design and Occupant Comfort
  7. Cannabis Facility Building Systems

During this day long course, students will be given an in depth understanding of types of facilities, specific CFD requirements, primary and support equipment, different types of commercial extraction process, facility requirements for extraction and post extraction processes identification of hazards, applicable standards and recommended controls.

This professional training will keep your interest and provide visual images of equipment and processes being discussed.

You will be taught by Jim Lieberman, a chemist and a certified industrial hygienist who has multiple publications in his field and has been recognized for his instructional ability. Your instructor practices what he preaches by assisting firms providing an efficient and compliant design for CFD facilities. THC safety has assisted over 30 facilities with design services from Puerto Rico to DC and most recreational legal states.

You will have the opportunity to have your personal questions answered. We are limiting attendance; SO DON’T WAIT!

The course slides and presentation and material are work products of THC Safety, Inc.  As an attendee you agree not to make materials public or resell any course materials or use materials to create a competitive course.

Previous Course Locations

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. San Diego, California
  3. Las Vegas,  Nevada
  4. Chicago, Illinois
  5. Los Angeles, California
  6. New York, New York 
  7. Boston, Massachusetts

2 comments so far

Randal Jay Ehm AIA, Architect AIBC, CDS, NCARB, MENSAPosted on4:09 pm - Oct 2, 2017

As Practice Commissioner of AIA San Diego, I was particularly well-pleased with the comprehensive information presented in this course. James Lieberman CIH, President of THC Safety possesses a wealth or knowledge, which clearly took years to acquire. His son, Project Engineer Benjamin offered constructive comments throughout the program,obviously having been fully immersed in the subject matter for quite sometime. Jim provided insights which I could not have imagined would be important to know, in the design of a Cannabis Processing and Production Facility. The safety and code considerations were especially enlightening and informative. He provided real-world examples, which were most helpful and eye-opening. The highlight of the course for me was the hands-on design workshop, where participants in a team setting were able to demonstrate their grasp of the subject matter by space planning a Cannabis Concentrate Production Facility. Kudos to Ben Lieberman for developing the format and program of this exercise! My only constructive criticism would be in the form of a suggestion: that Mr. Lieberman allow each design group to present their proposed solution. In my experience, the other groups could have learned from those groups which were not able to present their designs.
Overall, this course was very well organized and well-presented, with a high concentration of learning material. The Lieberman’s extensive working knowledge of the subject matter gave me a clear understanding of the spatial needs, adjacency considerations, safety requirements and types of equipment and hazardous materials which are inherent to Cannabis Concentration Production Facilities.
As the first cannabis-related program offered by AIA San Diego to our members, this program was both historic and worthwhile. I’m sure that my colleagues on the Board of Directors would welcome THC Safety back to town any time, and I would personally vouch for the significant value of the safety course. From a personal and professional standpoint, I highly recommend this seminar for any design professional who is considering or who is now engaged in the design of Cannabis Processing and/or Cannabis Concentration Production Facilities. Hats off to Jim and Ben for a job VERY well done!

Bastiaan BoumaPosted on11:51 am - Oct 12, 2017

We were pleased to work with THC Safety to promote a continuing education opportunity on June 23, 2017 in downtown San Diego to prepare members to better serve the design needs of the rapidly evolving market in California for cannabis-related facilities. I attended a significant portion of the day-long workshop, as did the Chapter’s Practice Commissioner, and we agreed that the presentation was very well organized, thorough, timely and of real interest to attendees – 80% of whom were architects or employed by architecture firms in the County of San Diego. In addition to the political and regulatory aspects facing the industry, the technical requirements for production, storage and distribution facilities will require design practitioners to be very well-versed in the important details. In our view, the THC Safety Workshop offered an effective and engaging introduction to this important topic.

Bastiaan Bouma, EVP/CEO AIA|San Diego Chapter

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