Cannabis Business Opportunities and Challenges

This is a 2-hour fully online training aligned with all social distancing guidelines. You will need only a computer with sufficient internet connectivity and an interest in the subject matter to attend! The platform will be a live video of our instructor Jim, with a slide show and interactive capabilities. Participants will receive a link to the video conference call the day of the program.

This Cannabis Business Opportunities and Technologies course is designed for those interested in finding market niches that may offer significant opportunities. The two hour webinar will review what we believe is current market niche opportunities that have not been filled, barriers to entry, and where we believe past opportunities have closed. Once we identify the opportunities we will be in a position to discuss what facilities and technologies will be needed to exploit them. We will discuss the technological and financial challenges one may face in trying to pursue these niches.

This professional training will keep your interest and provide visual images of equipment and processes being discussed.

You will be taught by Jim Lieberman, a chemist, Certified Industrial Hygienist and Master of Business Administration, who has multiple publications in his field, and has been recognized for his instructional ability. Your instructor practices what he preaches by assisting firms providing an effective design and compliance for HCP and hemp infused products (HIP) facilities. In addition, the course will review post extraction processing necessary to create commercial products from the extract.

This course will cover marijuana and industrial hemp products, various production technologies, and cost-benefit projections.

You will have the opportunity to have your personal questions answered.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save months of time and thousands of dollars chasing a mirage! Uncover opportunities that you may have missed.

Email with any questions regarding the program.