Industrial Hygiene & Safety Services

Industrial Hygiene & Safety Services

Colorado and other state regulations call out for the use of an industrial hygienist to support the establishment and permitting of a Cannabis facility. We employ American Board of Industrial Hygienist Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) to support your project.

In addition to being a CIH, Mr. Lieberman, our principle consultant is a chemist and a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. He has of 35 years of relevant experience has taken the time to analyze state regulations, best practices, and international standards such as the international fire code, building code and mechanic and code so that he can assist you to create a marijuana facility plans that meets requirements.  We create hazardous material management plans, expected hazardous materials inventories, standard operating procedures and emergency action plans to support your operation.  If you have a difficult problem we will be able to analyze it and solve it.

Standard Operating Procedure & Document Support

  1. Personal protective equipment
  2. Standard operating procedures
  3. Emergency action plans
  4. Selection of ergonomic equipment
  5. Hazard communication programs
  6. Hygiene-sanitation programs

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