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Turn-Key Cannabis Extraction Room (CER) Kit

THC Safety is pleased to present the Turn-Key Cannabis Extraction Room (CER) Kit! Pre-engineered and shipped directly to you with ALL the necessary components to have a functioning, compliant C1D1 work space designed specifically for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Extraction. Installation is available upon request. Our CER can be incorporated into planning prior to construction, or worked into existing buildings and already operational extraction facilities. You will save thousands of dollars and months of time by using our design.



Material Safety Data Sheet


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required by OSHA in their hazards communication standard for all chemicals.  A MSDS is not required for consumer food or food products. However, food product ingredients that are being used in manufacturing may require an MSDS if under normal conditions of manufacturer, employees may be exposed to a hazard from the ingredient.

An example would be flour; the material is an ingredient in food, but also may generate a physical hazard from dust explosion. In addition some flours include enzymes that are sensitizers, and thus present a health hazard. The pharmacy does not need to have MSDS for drugs, but Drug Manufacturers do need to provide an MSDS for active pharmaceutical ingredients in a manufacturing environment.  Remember that MSDS’s are not meant for consumers but for occupational exposures.

THC Safety offers Material Safety Data Sheets for client purchase for use in their hazard communication program because we believe that there is an occupational hazard associated with the processing of marijuana and marijuana products.

Recommended Occupational Exposure Limit


The legal marijuana industry is expanding rapidly in Colorado and other States, and THC Safety’s certified industrial hygienists have observed a number of operations associated with the processing of the cannabis plant material and the production of an extract from cannabis that use or produce materials that present occupational exposure hazards.

No government entity has the authority or desire to create relevant OEL’s for the industry. Therefore, to protect workers, THC Safety, Inc. has endeavored to develop and assign a recommended occupational exposure limit (ROEL) that may be used to help facilitate the measurement and control of these substances for employee exposures.

The establishment of an occupational exposure limit involves examining routes of entry and concentration versus effect (dose/response) studies associated with the exposure to a chemical. The specific chemical hazard profile is created by interpreting the data from a number of dose/response studies, toxicity tests such as the effect on specific tissues or systems for which the selection is dependent on the chemical in question.

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