Lab for Sale – Limited Time Offer

Turn-key Fully Functional Cannabis Extraction Processing Lab for Sale

Turn-key, fully engineered laboratory with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) extraction room and analytical capabilities; purchase the complete package; this is a fast and cost effective path to an efficient and compliant facility.

We will provide complete, stamped engineering documents for the extraction lab that include architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering. In addition to the engineering documents, we stand ready to provide consulting services to answer questions or concerns that your local building or health department might have. We will provide a Process Hazard Assessment document that is usually requested by municipalities.

The lab is constructed out of three 40’ long shipping containers, which can be disassembled and transported to a new location. The lab would be perfect for producing recreational or medical marijuana or hemp products.

The lab includes:

1. CID1 extraction room with patented exhaust and supply registers, designed specifically for LPG and solvent extraction; compliant with most all OSHA, NFPA, IFC, IMC, state, and municipality requirements for LPG and organic solvents

2. UL Listed Control Panel

3. LPG Extraction Equipment (ExtractionTek Solutions miniMeP) with Julabo Heater and MTA Chiller

4. One (1) Polystat Chiller, one (1) Isotep Chiller, one (1) Fisher Scientific Heater

5. Four (4) Across International 0.9 cubic foot vacuum ovens with -60°C Cold Trap

6. Laboratory with cabinets and benches

7. Six foot (6’) Chemical  Fume Hood with active vacuum, compressed air, and water ports

8. -85°C freezer

9. Conventional Freezer

10. Agilent HPLC with corresponding computer

11. 15 Horsepower Rotary Screw Compressor

12. Central Compressed Air system piped throughout lab and extraction- 1” copper pipe

13. Central Vacuum System piped throughout lab and extraction- ½” copper pipe

14. 20 L Reactor

15. Two (2) 20 L Rotary Evaporators

16. Two (2) 5 L Rotary Evaporators

17. 2100 CFM Rooftop Mounted Make-up Air Unit (HVAC)- VFD controlled with indirect gas fired heating and DX cooling

18. Two explosion proof roof mounted exhaust fans (one for extraction room and one for chemical fume hood)

19. Ancillary lab equipment

20. Flammable Storage Cabinet

Contact us to conduct a walk through of the facility.

Zach Martin

(303) 997 6626 ext. 1