Want to establish a cannabis concentrate, infused product or laboratory facility? Speak to us first for advice before you select a location or purchase new butane or carbon dioxide closed-loop extraction system. We may be able to save you a lot of hassle and money.  Click here for more information on extraction & Infusion Facility Planning, Design and Licensing.

We have the education, experience, and credentials to help you meet and keep state & federal requirements. We have a team composed of architects, engineers and industrial hygienists to get the job done, or we will work with your team. We answer your tough design, operation, licensing safety and engineering questions in a clear manner and we can train your team.  Whether we work with your staff or our highly qualified engineers, architect and others to provide full services, we get the job done!  Once we help you to design and construct your facility; we then can help you commission and optimize your process. Please take a look at a photo album of some of the facilities we have assisted.  Try us and you will see why we are so widely recommended by our past cannabis clients.

Extraction & Infusion Facility Planning, Design and Licensing

Cannabis / Marijuana Infused Product Operation Support

Facility Inspection & Certification

Industrial Hygiene & Safety Services


Commissioning Your Operation 

Optimize Your Process

Operations Manual

Licensing/Permitting Application Support

Expert Witness Service

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